Working up a Sweat


Vanessa, do you like to work out to stay in shape?
“Yes. I go to the gym to use the machines and I like to take their group classes. I like to be fit and I definitely don’t want to gain any weight. But if I’m honest, I also go to check out the hot guys. There are so many of them. I’ll get so turned on watching them work out that I have to be careful I don’t leak through my knickers! There’s a coed sauna and sometimes I like to go in there and rub my fanny under the towel until I cum. It’s so steamy that no one can see me.”

Have you ever worked out with a trainer?
“Yes, and that was the best shape I’ve ever been in. I didn’t miss a single session. And you know why? Because I had the biggest crush on him! Nothing motivates you to get in the gym like seeing your crush there, especially when you’re working out with them. Sometimes when he would be explaining something to me I would zone out imagining myself ripping his pants off and putting his fat cock in my mouth. Nothing ever happened between us, but I enjoyed the eye candy.”

What’s your favorite way to workout?
“Probably spinning class. I feel exhausted afterward, and I sweat so much. Plus I feel like it helps my cowgirl game. All the pedaling gives you a lot of endurance in your legs, and I can feel the difference when I’m riding a guy. I don’t get tired so easily, and I can go for longer. Does sex count as exercise? That’s probably another one of my favorite ways to workout. I enjoy an energetic fuck. I like to get all sweaty and feel my slick chest pressing against a man’s chest as we slip and slide all over each other’s body. It makes me feel like I really accomplished something.”