Jasmine’s Secret


Cute little Jasmine has a secret. She just got her nipples pierced! Why? She heard that it makes playing with her titties feel amazing. She’s excited to give it a shot, and she wants you to enjoy the show!

We love it when a girl gets dressed up in pink lace and matching panties. Jasmine also struts around in wedges, making her ass look absolutely delicious. When she whips out her titties for us to drool over, we see her big, sensitive areolas. Her panties are hiding a semi-hairy pussy, but not for long because Jasmine is ready to cum. She pulls out her pink dildo and fucks herself silly with it.

On a side note, when we ask girls what their favorite sex toys are, they usually respond with the Hitachi Magic Wand. Nothing makes them cum harder. If you’re still racking your brain about what to get the Mrs., that’s our suggestion.